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In memory of Amity Rogers, the six-year old daughter of one of our treasured staff members, Harris & Harris Solicitors is proud to sponsor Team Amity for this year's Endure for a Cure.

Through her father, we knew Amity to be an engaging and funny girl with a lot to offer the world.

To sit on the side lines as her life was taken by a brain tumour was devastating and difficult. It was a torture beyond description for her father, our valued colleague, and a difficult and dark chapter for the entire office.

There is nothing we can do to take the pain away or bring her back. But we do want to support Amity's family and give more options to the next child. To that end, we are proud to enter this year's Endure for a Cure, under the banner 'Team Amity'.

Endure for a Cure raises funds for the Children's Cancer Institute in Randwick. The Institute is at the forefront of research into the most difficult and deadly paediatric cancers, including the one that took the life of little Amity.

To aid in this cause, Amity's parents selflessly donated her tumour to the Institute, so that the scientists, doctors and researchers there can analyse and research this deadly cancer. But the research costs a huge amount of money.

The funds raised by Team Amity will go to support the researchers in their important and urgent work.

Please support us to raise awareness and funds for the Children's Cancer Institute. You can do so by either sharing this page or by donating to support Team Amity.

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