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I’m taking part in the Endure for a Cure – 12 hour Cycle Challenge in support of Children’s Cancer Institute. When we think the word cancer, generally most people these days are touched by it in one form of another. For my family, this has certainly been the case. I am a childhood cancer survivor myself, having lost my right eye to cancer at only 18 months old. Additionally, both my young children have also unfortunately had to suffer and endure the same fight against eye cancer themselves from their infant years, with my youngest starting chemotherapy at only 12 days old. And it is for this very reason that, I have no hesitations participating in this event.

Although our cancer journey has been tough in recent times and still in parts today, we are excited about what the future holds for cancer sufferers, and the advancements in research and technology. But whilst ever families like ours have children fighting cancer, it is through support services and treatment improvements for cancer sufferers (like that funded/offered by the CCI) that will really help families cope. And as a human being, why wouldn’t you want to help an organisation like that.!

Just imagine what opportunities may be possible in another 10 or 20 years-time when it comes to cancer treatment. A cancer free world even. This is why we support cancer sufferers and why cancer research is so important to us.

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