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The circuit

Endure for a Cure will utilise the 4km Gardner GP Circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek. Riding on the smoothest road ever, the track surface is a hot mix bitumen, 15m wide on the main straight narrowing to 12m as it flows through the landscaped hills. 

A favourite amongst riders and drivers alike, this circuit offers a variety of challenging bends, curves and turns with a few little hills to challenge you. And let’s not forget that awesome straight! Feel the wind in your hair as you fly down that straight, past pit lane into the first bend.

Not familiar with the circuit or Sydney Motorsport Park? No worries check out our point of view video below:

12 hours in the saddle sure is a long time but don’t fear we’ve got you covered. Pit Lane will be transformed into a race hub like no other. Catering to all your needs, barista made coffee will be served all day and massage therapists will be on hand to keep your muscles limber.  All food, energy gels and drinks will be on hand to keep nourished and fully hydrated throughout the day to ensure you reach your target number of laps.

Endure for a Cure – It’s not a destination, it’s a journey